How Important Is My Credit Score?

Your credit score determines your luck when making life purchases such as a car, a home, or even applying for insurance. 

Sprout Financial helps our customers acquire funding even if their credit is an issue. Our primary financial products are Unsecured Lines of Credit at 0% interest and low-interest Term Loans. At the end of our process, our customers are funding ready at their max amount of funding! 

What is an ideal score?:

  • Exceptional: 800 and above
  • Very Good: 740 to 799
  • Good: 670 to 739
  • Poor: 579 and below

What does and does not affect my score? 

Does Not:

  • Your income
  • Where you live 
  • Your race
  • Your marital status 


  • Hard-inquiries
  • Un-safe credit checks  
  • Late payments
  • Amount of debt 
  • Credit longevity