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Merchant Loans

If a business owner needs quick access to cash to meet a short-term need for capital, sometimes he or she can leverage their credit card merchant account to access funds. A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is an alternative to the lengthy approval process and strict credit requirements required for a traditional term loan.

A Merchant Cash Advance is financing based on your future credit card receivables. This type of merchant financing is paid on a monthly basis as a percentage of your credit card sales. Therefore, if your sales are high, your advance is paid off faster and if sales are lower, your payment is lower.

A Merchant Cash Advance can help with:

  • Inventory purchases
  • Equipment needs
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Short-term capital needs
  • And more!
Funding Range $5,000 - $5M
Term 3 - 5 years
Payment Schedule Monthly

Does not require good credit

No collateral

Quick access to funds